Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Hale did a great job of diagnosing my condition as well as explaining treatment options!  He is professional and a compassionate doctor who exceeded my expectations.  His office staff was also informative and friendly.   A Great Oral Surgeon!”  – Keith H.

“Dear Dr. Lurcott,  You are an amazing doctor.  We first met in 2008 when I was referred to you by my general dentist for an extraction.  I remember saying to you while in the dentist chair that I was ready.  You replied that it was already out!  I was amazed!  Today I was amazed again when I came to you for the extraction of 7 teeth in preparation for a new partial.  Following the anesthesia and numbing shots, the teeth were removed and when I awoke it was over.  I felt no pain or discomfort other than the cotton in my mouth.  Later when I arrived home, I slept for a couple of hours and the bleeding had stopped.  The cotton pads were clear.  Still absolutely no pain.  After watching a couple of hours of TV, I walked with my dog for 45 minutes and arrived home with little discomfort and no pain!  As you might imagine, I dreaded the impending extractions and was very relieved to have it behind me.  Now I want to thank you and your nursing and office staff for a very positive and successful day. ”  – Larry B.

“Dr. Liddell and Staff, Thank you so much for making me feel so much better!  I feel like a new person and I can open my mouth.  I am so grateful for your care and kindness during this crazy journey.  Your staff has been incredibly kind, compassionate and caring of my needs and the ease of insurance.  You are all a one of a kind gift!”  – Emily N.

“Dr. Alleman’s great sense of humor put me at ease. I am usually really nervous at the dentist. Virtually no pain with 3 extractions. With local anesthesia. They explained in detail what I should experience after the surgery. Really a great experience from beginning to end. Thanks!”   –Luanne H.

“I had a fantastic experience at Colorado Oral Surgery getting an implant.  Dr. Hale and the staff were very friendly and courteous. I was a little nervous about getting an implant but after meeting with Dr. Hale and the staff, I was comfortable and knew that I was in very capable hands.  I now finally have a front tooth to smile with.  Thanks Colorado Oral Surgery….10 out of 10!”  – Jordan W.